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Jayapriya Group of Companies is one of the largest and fast growing chit companies in Tamilnadu. It has a network of 50 branches spread across Tamilnadu, Pondicherry. All the branches had been computerized offering personalized services to all customers through online network.

The Company had been reinforced with a legion of 1000 + Employees and more than 5000 + Agents dedicated to the service of the customers. The Company conduct chits ranging from 1,00,000/- to 1,00,00,000/- catering the needs of Individuals, Professionals, business people and everybody in need. The total turnover of Jayapriya Chit Funds (P) Limited in 2019-20 recorded as more than Rs.1500/- Crores



We are proud to be problem solvers. Delivering outstanding results by establishing a culture of exceptional execution and rewarding those who create great outcomes.


Our vision is to empower and help people to achieve their goals through the work we do.

The Voice of our Beacon

Lets hear from our founders who have shown this company the path of success.


A Portrait of Jayapriya Group of Companies Founder And Chairman Lion C.R’s Biography

Lion C.R. alias Lion C.Rajagopalan founder and chairman of Jayapriya Group of companies born on 12-04-1948 fourth among four siblings of two brothers and two sisters at Kothamangalam a village of Tanjore district in TamilNadu. His parents Thiru K.Chinnasamy and Smt.Devaki are a conventional farmer from a traditional family. They brought up their children with great joy, courage and enthusiasm.

Lion C.Rajagopalan founder and chairman of Jayapriya Group of companies started his career as a clerk at N.L.C in Cuddalore district. He married Mrs.Kasthuri who gave extensive support in all his endeavors, could be compared to a lady behind everyman’s success. They led a planned life with prosperity and happiness. They had two children C.R.Jayasankar who is now Managing Director of Jayapriya group companies and R.Padmapriya who is also a director of Jayapriya group of companies’ lives in Oman with her husband.

When he was working with N.L.C he used to look after his friend’s hire purchase business at Navel in his spare time. He found many people in small business mobilize money through chits for their financial needs. He also knew that N.L.C. workers also engage in chits to mobilize money for their inevitable expenses. He conducted chits for the benefit of his neighbors, colleagues, business people and also lend money to those who are in demand for the money and soon decided to start a chit business.

He started a partnership firm Jayapriya Chit Funds in 1985 with few partners with a sum of Rupees three lakhs and three staffs. He carried out the business successfully for a few years. His partners relieved at a time when he decided to carry the business in large scale to look after their own business. He started Jayapriya Chit Funds Private Limited in 1992 on his own.

He led the company in an inspiring way as the logo says safe, steady and stable growth as the business involve much risk factors advancing funds to members through funds collected from members. A tireless hard worker and dedicated leader he led the company to a remarkable level a network of 18 branches spread across three districts of TamilNadu, Chennai and union territory of Pondicherry reinforced with a strong contingent 500 employees and a legion of more than 1000 agents dedicated to the service of the subscribers and the company. Victory and success always come by his way the world pioneer in funds transfer Western Union appointed Jayapriya Enterprises as their franchisee to facilitate funds transfer from anywhere in the world to local residents to receive money with ease. TATA AIG Life Insurance Company tied up with Jayapriya Enterprises as their channel partners to develop Insurance business in rural areas are another milestone in Jayapriya Group Companies growth profile.

An active member of the chit funds companies association he participated in several forums and represented the association with Government to negotiate the stringent rules of Central Chit Funds Act 1982. He is the President of Cuddalore District Chit Funds and Financiers Association for the past 10 Years. He was elected as President of TamilNadu Chit Funds Companies Association in 2008 is a hallmark to his reputation and dedication to the association. He was also nominated as Vice President for All India Chit Funds Companies Association in 2008 is another feather in his cap.

A strict disciplinarian, honest and philanthropist all through his life he joined the Lions Club movement to make a social consciousness of his career. He conducted several Health Camps, Blood Donation Camps and eye testing camps in association with Lions club and experts in the field. He started Jayapriya Charitable Trust


Since its inception in 2014, the mission of JAYAPRIYA VIDYALAYA has been committed to education, which is perceived to be the means for both personal and societal transformation. Our educational service aims up shaping students to be intellectually competent, morally sound, emotionally balanced, physically strong and spiritually imbued with deep sense of noble values and rational thinking. The goals of the school are revised periodically in order to keep in pace with winds of change.

The school management is committed to create an atmosphere in which the zest for learning thrives and students are trained not only in academics but also to individuals with convictions and values. The endeavors to practice a healthy and morally sound life style that liberates the peoples from the force of a evil to reject counter values that threaten human dignity, to root out all manifestation of egoism and grow with the strength of noble virtues to be the light of the world. All programs are students centered and provide ample opportunities for the and self assurance.
Students are motivated to perceive excellence to the fullest possible so as to develop all the dimensions of their personality. Each day when I walk the school aisle, I hear the chatter of eager minds, the excitement from the victorious athletes, the thump of dance feet and the sound of melodious voices harmonizing. We with a different perceptive, allow our students to relish their childhood.

We value individualism and try to inculcate creativity, innovation and confidence. Beside rigorous scholastic programs the school has mark its name in all spheres such as art and craft, music, variety of sports, environmental conservation activities and the list goes on…. JAYAPRIYA VIDYALAYA campus has excellent infrastructural facilities and is always bustling with activity being it academic, co curricular, extracurricular and sports. Our students are expected to participate actively and to take advantage of the many opportunities offered, so they can develop into self confident, responsible, ethical and compassionate human beings. Participation in the International silambam competition, Participation in the National level taekwondo competition is the added feather in the JPV crown. The blessing of god almighty and the dedication of the committed faculty have enabled the school to meet effectively the new challenges faced by education today. It will be our constant effort to move forward in the true spirit of ability driven education. We emphasize not only the knowledge of facts but also the knowledge of values which will believe will make them committed towards the dream of India, a shining India.

With aim of inculcating the values of empathy towards the marginalized and less gifted in the society, we have a vernacular medium with aims at opening the doors of education for the less fortunate. We also strongly believe that our students will actively give back to the society by bringing about meaningful changes and sustain its development with all their might. JAYAPRIYA VIDYALAYA always hopes to shape the young minds of today into thinking leaders of tomorrow by providing right emphasis on gender equality and women empowerment.

It was Margaret Mead who said “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think,” and to enable this, our motto of Knowledge, Imagination and Innovation is encouraged through a holistic approach. “TO MOTIVATE THE WEAK, TO ADDRESS THE AVERAGE AND CHALLENGE THE GIFTED” is the teaching vision of our school.

We pride ourselves to help them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generationI warmly invite you to explore JPV, as we re-dedicate ourselves every day, to impart the very best education to young minds